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Quality Control

Our mission is to provide "High Value Quality Rice"

Starting from purchasing to the whole process up to the sales undergo a number of quality checks. Authorised representatives of our company travel extensively through the paddy fields during harvest season and care is taken to see that only the best available paddy is purchased. The paddy purchased is properly dried, transported and stocked in the paddy godowns.

Then the next stage stone, dust, sand and all other impurities are removed completely by cleaning row paddy 4 times. Required steam passed using highly efficient boiler and the boiling in checked by the boiling meter. Fully automatic steam dryer is used for drying. Hulling unit consists of paddy cleaner, rubber sheller, paddy separator, corn polisher, whitener silky polisher, and magnet filter. The packing system consists of a storage tank. The packing is done automatically in pure quality jute bags.

In our agenda quality control is given top priority. Our Quality Control Department is capable of testing for particulate contaminants, microbial contamination, fertilizers and pesticide and chemical residues. A product that comes out through this stringent quality control process can be sure to meet the health and hygiene standards of any country across the globe. We can boldly claim that its Quality Control is perhaps the only one in the industry capable of conducting such advanced studies into contaminants and residues.